Portrait: Emily

Please share with me why you chose to participate.

Breastfeeding is a gift.  I didn’t know that when I was pregnant, but now I often find myself looking down at my little girl and marveling at what we are sharing – love, intimacy, nourishment, growth.  I wanted to participate in this project for two reasons – one, so that I could have record this fleeting time and two, so that others might come to see what I now see.  For a million reasons, breastfeeding is incredible!

Why do you feel it’s important to promote a positive image of breastfeeding in society today?

A positive image of breastfeeding is important in order for women to feel comfortable taking care of their children in this natural way.  More breastfeeding women leads to healthier kids and moms.  But, it’s more than just the health benefits that motivate me to participate.  If women are comfortable and supported, then this whole beautiful experience becomes accessible. I would wish that all women could experience the indescribable closeness and beauty that comes about by breastfeeding your child.

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