Portrait: Kaitlin

Please share with me why you chose to participate.

Charlie and I struggled to breastfeed because of an un-diagnosed tongue tie but we worked hard to maintain our relationship. This included a frenectomy, post-release stretches, round the clock pumping after feeding, and twice weekly appointments with an IBCLC. Because it took so long to figure out why Charlie wasn’t gaining weight, and despite all the pumping I did, my body doesn’t make all of the milk that Charlie needs.  I would be really proud to participate in #NormalizetheFeed to show that breastfeeding doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  You can still breastfeed even if you have to supplement.

Why do you feel it’s important to promote a positive image of breastfeeding in society today?

There are so many reasons to promote the normalization of breastfeeding that it’s hard for me to summarize my feelings.  I could talk about how ridiculous it is society is ok with breasts as long as they are sexualized but not when used for their anatomical purpose (!) but my true feelings are more basic than that.  I feel that at every turn we make life harder for women and for moms especially. Looking for a private space, using a cover, or pumping and carting around bottles makes a huge obstacle for moms to get out of the house! Women don’t need more obstacles or burdens in their lives!