Portrait: Katy

Please share with me why you chose to participate.

I’m thrilled to have a memento of such a special time in my life. Nursing my last baby is bittersweet, I know that I’ll mourn the breastfeeding relationship when she weans. I’m usually the one behind the camera, so having a photo of me doing something I really value is something I’ll always cherish!

Why do you feel it’s important to promote a positive image of breastfeeding in society today?

I wish that all people, especially mothers, felt more comfortable with their bodies and how amazing they are. I feel lucky to have never felt any kind of shame or disappointment about my body, but I wish that was the norm! I think that if women had more confidence in themselves and their bodies they would succeed more often with their breastfeeding goals. I know too many mothers who didn’t get the support they needed, or worse, were given bad advice. If our society was more used to positive images of breastfeeding I think more women would get the support they need. It takes a village, and if that new mom doesn’t have any successful breastfeeding mothers in their village to be exposed to and learn from, it can be even harder for them to reach those goals. The more normalized breastfeeding is, the more our whole society will benefit.

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